When I was a first grader in the mid-90s, I got my first Windows 95 computer as a gift from my dad. Since then, I have been fascinated by computers and the Internet, giving me access to an ever-expanding universe. I’ve lived throughout the digital age since its dawn and I continue to be amazed at how technology is shaping our world ever faster, for better and for worse.

With infinite amounts of information at my fingertips, I love discovering and learning new things every day. I enjoy building (and breaking) tech to efficiently solve real-world problems. When I’m on my own time, I sometimes like over-engineering things just because I can. 🚀

However, few soulless corporations control the Web. I actively sponsor and contribute to open-source projects to make the WWW a more human and independent place again. I strive to regain as much of my digital privacy as possible and educate others by documenting my journey. But it’s tough — a constant balancing act between convenience and nuisance, between being an advisor and being a preacher, between being a cypherpunk and being a hypocrite.

On this website, I share my thoughts and notes about things that I’m excited about and working on and hope to connect with people having a similar mindset. I’d love to hear from you!


I respect your privacy.

I use Plausible Analytics to collect anonymous web analytics data to get insights into what content people enjoy and how they discover it. All analytics data I collect is publicly accessible on the stats page.

When you leave a comment on my blog, the Remark42 commenting engine generally only stores the user ID, username and avatar link. It requests and stores the minimum possible scope from third-party authentication providers. Users may request and download all their data from Remark42 and purge it completely by submitting a “Delete Me” request.

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Thank you, dear reader! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And thank you to everyone contributing to the open-source community. If it wasn’t for you, this website wouldn’t exist.

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