OPNsense Baseline Guide with Mullvad VPN Multi-WAN, Guest, and VLAN Support

This beginner-friendly, step-by-step guide walks you through the initial configuration of your OPNsense firewall. The title of this guide is an homage to the pfSense baseline guide with VPN, Guest, and VLAN support that some of you guys might know, and this is an OPNsense migration of it. I found that guide two years ago and immediately fell in love with the network setup. After researching for weeks, I decided to use OPNsense instead of pfSense.
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Use Custom DNS Servers With Mullvad And Any WireGuard Client

I’ve been using Mullvad VPN for a while now but only ever used it with the official client on my workstation. I use DNS extensively in my home network, so as soon as I activate Mullvad, I can’t resolve DNS names locally. Of course, this is by design and expected. I own an OPNsense appliance, so the natural solution is to move the tunnel there. TL;DR# Use the following shell command to request an IP with no DNS hijacking:
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